A Minimalism Game for January

coffee mug on a tableIt is the last day in 2016. I have a lot of emotions regarding the year and I need a little bit of change for 2017.  To bring some of that change, I have a project up my sleeve. It is called the 30-Day Minimalism Game. I learned about it through a friend and as soon as I read about it on The Minimalists website, I knew I had to participate. My ideal way of life would be to live with very little possessions, but that is not our current reality. Getting closer to that ideal is something I strive for daily, but I find that it can be hard.

I’ll be honest a lot of “stuff” bring me stress. I remind myself that when you pass, your belongings do not pass with you and to enjoy the experiences in life and not my stuff. That, in theory, sounds like the way that I would like to live. In practice though, that is hard. I have a toddler who has toys. While I like to think he has less toys than the average toddler, he still has more than he needs. When I start trying to get rid of his items, I feel a sense of guilt. I know that this guilt is unfounded because he can be happy with very little. It is a feeling that I find hard to shake. To compensate, I would like us to get rid of other items in our home while I work out the emotions around pairing down the possessions in his life.

For years now we have had a rule that when something comes into our home something must also leave our home. The item can be of equal or lesser value than the item that comes into the home. When birthdays or holidays roll around, we try not to increase the amount that we have. I am not much of a shopper and do not spend much time shopping as it is not therapeutic to me. (I do enjoy window shopping at times) Yet, we still have more than we need. Several times a year, me and my husband clean out different areas of our home. Still, we have more than we need to live happily.

These techniques have helped, but we need a kick start to get rid of more. Nothing pleases me more than to walk into a room that is tastefully decorated with little to no clutter. My end goal would be to get there, but I know that I am far.

I am not a saver of most items. If it has a purpose and brings amusement, then it stays. At some point I have to wonder how much stuff can bring true joy? My guess would be that it is a lot less than I am thinking. I find myself holding on to clothing that is several sizes to small in the hopes that I will get back to that size one day. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t- but that clothing does not need to stay buried in my closet waiting for me to wear it again. I know if I look close enough that I will find even more like this in our home. Therefore, I have challenged my family (just me and the hubby) to follow a minimalism challenge for January 2017. Instead of a 30-day challenge, it will end up being 31 days and approximately 500 items that I will end up removing from our home.

I plan to chronicle this journey of ridding stuff from our lives. I hope you will join me in this journey. If not, I hope you will stick around to see what we decide to purge.


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