Aloe Vera After Passing

aloe vera baby plantIt is the official first day of my 31-Day Minimalism Game for January. Today is a simple day, get rid of one item. The item that I have chosen for today is an Aloe Vera plant that has grown too large for the pot and the space in my home. This plant was given to me and my husband by a sweet former neighbor, Susan. As she was in her last months of life, she began passing on her belongings. She invited us over one day and offered us items from her home. This was one of those items.

I have always struggled with what to do when I have an item from someone who has departed this earth. I have tried to remind myself that the giver gave the object to create a moment of happiness for both me and them, they did not intend for the item to create a burden. If the item still brings me happiness, then I keep it. If the item becomes part of the every day clutter and adds stress to in my life, I purge it. This philosophy has helped me over the past few years as friends and family pass on.

This Aloe Vera plant has adorned our bathtub for close to five and grown too large for the pot that it was originally planted. I have taken several of the babies and planted them in smaller pots and have watched the Aloe Vera babies grow. The original plant is too big for the space in our bathroom. I could buy a new planter and find a new location, but with the babies planted elsewhere in our home it is time get rid of the original plant. I was not sure what to do with a live plant besides offer it up on FreeCycle or ask friends if they would like the plant. After a text to two close friends, I found a new home for this growing plant. It turns out that my friend gave away her beloved Aloe when she moved away from her home and down south.

It felt great to pass off this plant to my friend. When I visit her home, I will get to see my old plant grow and thrive in a pot that is more suited for its size.  I know the days of this game will get harder, but I am looking forward to the challenge of getting closer to minimalism.



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