Holding On Too Long

lit candleMost of us have objects in our home that we have had for many years and rarely use. Our reasons probably differ for why we keep those items. Maybe someone special gifted you the item, you thought it had a purpose in your life, it has not crossed your mind to get rid of the item, or some other reason. No matter the reason, if something is not rarely used, there is no reason for it to remain in your home.

I am sure you are thinking of an argument against me or you think you might use it some day, the person who gifted it might ask about it, or any number of reasons. Holding on to items without a clear purpose adds clutter to our lives. I am just as guilty as anyone else for doing this. I often will place something in a drawer or box and think that I will need it some day. That day never, or rarely, comes and the object gets forgotten about, but still takes up space. Yet I still find myself having a hard time parting with it. I make plans to try and use the item and months later find that I either didn’t use it as I had planned or used it and do not feel much attachment to it any longer.

Items in our home should be purposeful. Otherwise, our homes will be filled to the brim with unimportant things. I realize that not every item in my home can be important, bring happiness, or have a specific purpose, but the majority should fall into one of those categories.  I would be willing to argue that most of the items that we do not use in our home have no special attachment to them at all and we keep them just for the sake of keeping things. Take a look around your home and see if you agree.

I have found two such items like this for me to part with today for day two (I will only focus on one of those items as it has a better story than the other item). One item is a candle that I received in a gift basket for a wedding that I was in. It has been sitting on the rim of my bathtub(s) for over 12 years. I light it every so often and then forget about it for months or years. While the person who gave me the candle is special, this object is not special to me. For some reason though, when I have thought about getting rid of it, I usually come up with an excuse and a plan to take a bath and light the candle. During my pregnancy I did use the candle for baths, but now that I have a toddler I rarely ever get a bath. Why am I holding on to this candle? It has been in three homes with me and packed up for two moves. I cannot remember the last time the candle was used.

As I part ways with this candle today I am reminded to look at the items in my home and ask myself why I keep them. If I struggle to find a legitimate reason and that item does not bring me happiness, then they should leave my home.

Items purged today: candle, decorative bowl


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