Sentimental Sharing

chair with cushion and pillowI have historically not been a sentimental person when it comes to possessions. Years ago, I rid my life of all the letters that I had saved from childhood and my teenage years. While they were sweet to read, I did not see a need to hang on. Additionally, I decided to purge my high school and college memory boxes. I had become very practical with the items that I wanted to save. This all changed when my son was born. I found myself holding on to items because they had an association with him. I have not been able to part with any of his newborn clothing. I want to save them forever, or at least for a second child. This type of holding on is very new to me. I am not used to feeling this way about items, especially replaceable items like clothing.

To say my life changed with his birth is an understatement. He is only 23 months and with me every day, but I still feel an attachment to some of his items. I have come to peace with wanting to hold on to his clothing. If we do not have or adopt another child, I promise myself that I will only keep a few special items. For now, they will remain in boxes in our home. I have felt a little differently about toys. Most toddler toys are horribly annoying that I wish I could donate all of them. I am being very careful not to let our stash of toys get out of hand and regularly pick a few to pass on to someone else when they are no longer used.

I have realized in this journey that sometimes items can be special and sentimental to me, but I still want to pass them along. It brings me joy to see a special object to me get used and loved by someone else, with no obligation by that person to keep it for any length of time. My example for today is a rocking chair and accompanying pillow and cushion. I have friends who are adopting a toddler and offered the chair to them. They gladly accepted. I made the pillow and covered the cushion with matching fabric. I made sure to tell my friends that they could alter the cushions how they like as I do not expect any of these items back.

The rocking chair has a history with me. It was used by my mother in my room when I was a baby and then I used it in my son’s room. My little weegan slept in our room for the first 13 months of his life, but I still used it during the long nights of crying and nursing. It has also been used when he has been sick and needed to be rocked to sleep or for countess story times.

We would like to have the space in his room for his toys to play. We have another rocking chair in our home that we can use should we have a long night again. While this chair is special to me, I will have more happiness knowing it went to someone who will be rocking their new child at night. Even if my friends decide to pass it on, I recognize the joy that it brought me to pass it along to them.

Items purged today: rocking chair, bottom cushion, pillow


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