Charity and Giving

winter coatRidding myself of possessions feels good for many reasons. The less possessions that I see around, makes me feel lighter and less stressed.  An even more important reason is that I can provide my possessions to a charity that offers those gently used items to someone less fortunate in my community. Instead of throwing out items that still have life in them, they can live on with someone who needs them. There are many charities and groups working to make sure those who are less fortunate monetarily get the items that they need.

A need that weighs heavily on my mind is the homeless people who have to suffer the temperatures in the cold months. I live in the South and we have a lot of warm weather, but it gets chilly in the winter and people need warm clothing, especially coats to keep them warm. A group that I like to support is Urban Ministries of Durham. In addition to providing warm coats, they connect poor and homeless neighbors to food, shelter and a future in the community where I live.

I also try and support the organizations in the area that help animals by taking items for the animals or thrift stores that use the money to benefit spay/neuter programs. There are many different organizations helping other beings and I urge you to find ones in your area to donate your possessions.

Items purged today: winter coat, scarf, set of cards, makeup pad


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