Kids and Accumulating Stuff

cloth diaper stackThere are four of us in my home. Me, husband, weegan, and Ollie the dog. Before my weegan came along, I felt we did a pretty good job of keeping the clutter away with three beings. Even when nesting for him, I organized and cleaned out many spaces in our home. For years we have had the rule that when one item enters, another leaves. We stuck to this pretty religiously. We had a shower where we only asked for second hand items and we tried to keep the amount of items in check that we kept. Toward the end of my pregnancy, we were getting bags of clothing from and toys from friends and family and I wasn’t always able to keep up with the one for one policy, but I still tried.

Even with this effort, I still feel like we have more items for weegan than we need. People are so generous and like to shower him with toys and books. We also cloth diaper and have supplies galore. When a holiday draws near, I look through toys and clothing and start setting aside items to pass along to friends or donate to Welcome Baby.  It still seems like my little weegans items multiply.

As a society, we often confuse the amount of items we have with happiness. If I’ve learned anything in life, it is that more stuff does not equal more happiness. In fact, it feels quite the opposite for me. The more stuff that comes into my home, the less happy I am inside. I feel out of control and cluttered, unable to focus on life. When that happens, the first thing I have to start doing is roaming around looking for items to purge. Once I do that, I feel a sense of mental balance is restored.

As we prepared for Christmas this year, I was reminded that my son would get more toys, books, and clothing. I do not want to deny these experiences for him. Husband and I decided that as a family tradition we would keep our holidays simple in terms of gifts. We bought weegan two items for Christmas that we knew he would love. As his second birthday approaches, we have decided to buy him one special birthday gift. We cannot control how much others buy for him, but we can control what we do and how we teach him about the holidays. You will not see us emphasizing Santa Claus (although we will have him visit and bring one gift) and we will not participate in Elf on the Shelf. We prefer to show our weegan that Christmas is about love, compassion, time with loved ones, fun family traditions, and giving to others.

As we come away from the holidays, I feel that we are blessed beyond imagination in so many areas of our lives. Having extra toys and books won’t make our weegan happy. During this 30-Day Minimalism game, many of the items will be from him. In the end, I think he will be happier with less clutter in his life and more experiences.

Items purged today: 4 cloth diapers and a children’s book


2 thoughts on “Kids and Accumulating Stuff

  1. Ah, it’s funny that you purged the cloth diapers, If you aren’t using them or aren’t planning on having more kids I see that as logical! 🙂 – time for me to purge things (a) good reminder!

    • We might have or adopt another, but we do have an excess in cloth diapers. Now we have a number closer to what we need without a lot of excess. 😉

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