Keeping What You Love

Christmas tree decoratedIf I am ever going to make it closer to a life of minimalism, I need to keep only the things that I love, make me happy, or need. I have learned through this 30-day minimalism game that I have many objects that fall into no category except that it somehow got into my home and I’ve kept it. When I think about it, that is not how I want my home to feel. It should not feel like it is filled with objects that I cannot explain.

A holiday that I love more than any other holiday is Christmas! I love the music, the decorations, the food (vegan, of course!), the atmosphere, the lights, the cheer, giving, and so on. (I am not a huge fan of receiving gifts though.) To say I love christmas decorations is an understatement.  I love strolling around stores and viewing the decorations, but am frugal in what I buy for my home. Even with my frugality, I have still found that I have decorations, specifically ornaments, that I have no attachment too and do not light up when I see them on my tree.

I enjoy having a full tree of ornaments, but this year have decided that I am only keeping the ones that are special to me. If I’m being honest, that means many of them can be passed on. The same goes for non-tree decorations. With this being my favorite time of year, I want the decorations to make me happy, not fill the space.

Items purged today:  small decorative Christmas tree, stocking, ornaments x 5


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