Items Past Their Prime

broken leafMy husband wore a broken watch for a year. I would forget and sometime ask him the time and he would have to go look for his phone or a clock. He had gotten his watch battery fixed so many times, but this time he let it be. I asked him why he wore his watch and he said he felt naked without it. I could not understand why he would wear something that did not work and had a cracked face to boot.

As I thought about it more, I realized that what he wore on his wrist we probably all do in our homes. We keep items past their prime out of habit or for fear of getting rid of them. Something we like breaks and we cannot fix it immediately, so we put it a away in hopes that we will be able to fix it someday or pay to have someone else fix it. That item then becomes part of the noise and clutter in our home.

You can re-purpose your item into something else, donate it to someone who can fix it, or recycle it. If an item does not add any value to your life, there is no need for it to be around taking up space. Free yourself of your broken items. Today we say goodbye to the broken watch in hopes that someone else can replace the battery and get life out of it.

Items purged today: watch, headband, index card holder, eye glass cloths x 2, silicone baking mat, toys x 2, book


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