Keeping Memories

two pieces of kid artAs any mother will tell you, the art your child makes is precious. My weegan just turned two and started making art the middle of last year. When I saw the first piece, my heart filled with joy because my little boy had created something. I’ve always loved drawing, painting, and crafting so it delights me to see my son create. This is something that I feel compelled to save of his.

When I think deeper, I realize that saving all of this art that he creates really does not add any value to our lives. It will be put in boxes and stored somewhere only to be brought out several times during his childhood. Someday that box, or boxes, would becomes his and he would have to decide what to do with the hundreds, if not thousands of arts and crafts he has created. It is possible that I gave birth to someone who is going to be a famous artist and these early arts and crafts will become worth money. However, it is probably more likely that they will create a burden to us when we move or become my weegans burden someday.

I am making a conscious decision to limit the saving of number arts and crafts he makes to a couple of pieces a year and recycle the other items. In order to document the items that he has made, I have downloaded Artkive, which is an app that saves all of his art as pictures and can be turned into a book someday.  I am not sure that I will stick with the app, but might create a file on my computer so that I can choose the vendor for the book(s) when the time comes. I would love to have a small physical representation of his art that I can flip through every so often. I probably would end up making a few books to represent different times of his childhood. In the end, it would be a lot less for us to lug around and it can sit on a shelf and be admired by family or guests.

Items purged today: nail file x5, trick gum, child craft, gloves, towel, pad of paper x3


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