Keeping What Aligns With Your Values

blurry book pageHaving a child came with an accumulation of items, no matter how hard I tried to pair down. Many of the items were from people we know and love and they had us in mind when they picked out the item. Knowing that something was picked out specifically for my weegan, makes it harder for me to want to part with the item. I have been having  a hard time figuring out what he needs and what he does not need in his life. More often than not, he does not need something in his life. In order for our lives not to become a heap of too many items, I have had to use a screening process for his possessions.

An important criterion for an item remaining in our home is that it must align with our values. We have a diverse set of beliefs and it is important that we share them with our weegan as a moral compass. In addition to sharing our values with him, we can set an example by making sure the items that he uses go along with these values. It is an extension of practicing what we preach.

Striving towards a life that is more minimalistic has helped me screen toys, clothing, and books even closer than before. Two items in particular have given me pause and therefore have been marked to leave my home. The items each displayed a concept that I wish to steer my son away from. The first dealt with animals in circuses and the other had a sexist undertone referring to a woman as Mrs. husband’s first and last name, completely removing her identity.

It feels freeing to rid my son of these two items and to move closer to a life with less objects.

Items purged today:  children’s book, socks, cookie cutter, cfl bulb x6, container, head band, glove, scarf x2, watch, set of markers, ornament x5


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