Saving Memories

photos fanned and zoomed inBefore digital media storage was a thing, we printed out pictures. I grew up in a time when email was getting popular, but we did not have social media accounts. Social media wasn’t even a phrase yet. During that time I took my camera with me often and snapped pictures quite a bit. The little money that I had from working part time was used for film and film development, besides other teenage obsessions of the times like CDs and mall pretzels.

Even when I got married, Facebook wasn’t a thing. Myspace probably was and a few photo sharing sites, but I was not into them. We put out disposable cameras at all of our guest tables. What we got back was a lot of garbage pictures. Fast forward to today and I have hundreds of photos from my wedding, high school, college, and graduate school. These photos take up room in albums and boxes. Organizing these photos is too hefty of a project for this 30-day minimalism challenge in January, but it is on my list of areas to organize after the month is over. I did, however, start by going through and throwing out old Christmas cards that had photos on them. I saved a few from friends and family, but the majority went into the trash. I searched quite a while and could not find a place to recycle photos. This will make me think about how I print photos in the future.

Another form of clutter that I have is digital clutter. My phone is at least half full with pictures since my son’s birth, random food, and the dog. In addition, I have memory sticks filled with photos from over the years. I had been great about organizing them up until 2015 when my son was born. I plan to take a month this year to organize digital photo clutter as well. These memories are wonderful, but I can’t possibly save them all.

Moving forward, I would like to be more intentional about the hard and digital photos that I keep. If these memories are truly as wonderful as I remember them to be, they should be easily accessible and not overbearing.

Items purged today: 26 photos and photo cards








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