Continuing The Minimalism Game

img_6973It is the end of February and I have not posted this month to sum up the Minimalism Game that I started at the new year. I wanted to write a post summing up what I learned and how the challenge went, but every time that I started it- I stopped. Something felt off as I would write. I was not finished working toward minimalism. I still have lessons to learn, organizing, and purging that needs to continue.

One thing that I will share is that the game taught me that minimalism is a journey for me. I am not sure I will live as The Minimalists do, but I want to strive to live with less in my life. To clarify, less possessions. Less physical stuff. The process started to feel so freeing as I gave away my items to friends, donated, or recycled them. I started to feel a bit of a burden lifted off of my shoulders. I knew that I had to continue and that one month was just a start.

I was not prepared to do the game all over again in February, so I set my sights on two goals within our home.  These two areas were to be organized during the month of February and I would record what I purged, without setting any number goals. The two areas that I tackled were the downstairs closet and the office closet. I had originally said the entire office, but that proved to be a bit much for us and I had to scale down.

Even with the scaling down, I recorded that we purged 100 items!! If I combine this with the total from January, we are up to about 600 items. I thought that I was starting small and that I might have a handful of items for February. I was amazed when we pulled out item upon item that we could do without. This game has changed me. I am finding less reasons to hold on to things. The “what ifs” that I had saved items for, seem like they will never be. What is the point of saving something for a lengthy time period only to never use it for that “just in case” time? It was nothing more than an excuse to fill our home with clutter.  I am starting to see our entire home like this. And this realization is completely freeing.

March approaches and we will continue our journey. My goales for March are my jewelry and my closet. The closet piece is rather large and I might find that I need to break this task up and set goals. I hope to write more about this soon, but in the meantime, I am off to pass off items to a friend.


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